This year we’re taking a break from making a Christmas playlist… if ever there was a year to break the norm, amiright?! We fully intend to pick back up this annual tradition in the future but we’ve made 10 playlists with almost 11 hours of Christmas music. So this year, we’ve done our best to put them all together so you can listen all of it (or at least as much as your preferred music streaming service has licensed).
Do we promise that all these movies are good? Nope. There’s a bunch we haven’t seen yet… plus you need to bear in mind that our three year old is the litmus for whether a movie makes the cut or not. BUT we made this list for ourselves this year, so we figured we’d share in case an extra movie or two makes sense within your December family rhythms, too. And anything we should add to our list?
Here is the 10th Christmas playlist. I made the first one by myself. Erin’s helped me with all the rest. And I’ll share a few photos from the year while I’m at it. This year’s CD felt like a bit more of a struggle. We could not find a lot of good Christmas music that came out this year. So we ended up turning to some older songs. My original goal was to make 10 Christmas playlists.
The 8th Christmas playlist is also the biggest, clocking in at 77 minutes. Why so much music, you ask? Well, we (mostly Erin) found a lot of good raw material this year. Several of the albums that showed up on this years playlist will probably show up again on future playlists. We realize that CD players are things that most people only have in their cars now a days and we want people to be able to enjoy this music however is convenient.
This is the 7th year for the Christmas playlist and at this point I was expecting to be scraping the bottom of the Christmas music barrel. Good news though, I’m quite happy with this years playlist. I found a couple of great compilation albums including one from a couple years ago. Maybe I’m not as good at searching the Internet for stuff as I thought. If you need more good Christmas music here are the links to past playlists.
This year got our act together before the 1st of December so you can enjoy a whole month of hand picked Christmas music. If you need more good Christmas music here are the links to past playlists. (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010). My goal is make it to 10 of these. That should be close to 12 hours of better than average Christmas music, then reassess. We’ll probably keep doing a Christmas playlast but we might lighten up our rules.
Getting this together happened a little later this year. Lots going on, but as always I enjoyed putting this together and after listening to a bunch of not so great Christmas music we managed to a CDs worth that was pretty good. If you need more good Christmas music here are the links to past playlists. (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010). 6 years of these, my my how the time does fly.
Time for this year’s Christmas Playlist. If this isn’t enough Christmas Music, you can always go back to previous years (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010). Most of the music is available on Amazon. A lot of it you can listen to for free if you have Amazon Prime. I’ve also made a GrooveShark playlist of most of the songs. Ho Ho Ho - Liz Phair - Ho Ho Ho Carry Me Home - Hey Rosetta!
It’s getting to be Christmas time again. That means a lot of awful annoying music that might have been fun at some point but after while just feels soul crushing, but also some that’s actually kinda good. Once again me and Erin have tried to assemble some of the better music (some new some old) to improve everyone’s holidays. We just try not to repeat any exact tracks from previous years.
Here’s a CD’s worth of Christmas music that Erin and I will be listening to this year. Merry Christmas!:) Weezer - Hark! the Herald Angels Sing From the Christmas With Weezer album, one of my favorite Christmas albums and one of my favorite Christmas songs. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - John Denver and the Muppets From the A Christmas Together album. We (me and Erin) really like the Muppets but I’m afraid I was unfamiliar with their “Christmas together” with John Denver until Erin showed me the light.