I got a call from the impound lot of Sunday afternoon. I did not get it because I was at the Vikings game (great game). They found Carol. No word on her condition though. Monday morning I planned on picking her up. Before I could call to confirm things with the impound lot a got a call from the officer in charge of my case. He explained that they had arrested the person they found driving the car (there were two people in the car when they found it, they may have arrested both of them).
I ended up visiting with Isaac most of the morning. I do not talk with him enough and we had a some catching up to do. Typically Isaac gets Friday off so it being a Thursday night he didn’t mind staying up late. We actually ended up staying up so late talking I got to see Allison (Isaac’s wife), as she was getting up to go to work. Then I decided it was time for me to go to bed.
So, for starters, here’s the updated plan that takes into account the delayed shuttle launch and the rest of the trip. Day 5 - Spend a little extra with the Selin’s and Eliot, then drive to Savanna. Day 6 - Explore Savannah then drive to Orlando. Day 7 - Hang out in Orlando… maybe do some exploring. Day 8 - Shuttle Launch, hopefully for reals this time, then drive to Tallahassee.