At this point I’ve bought lots of things on-line with Bitcoin, but I have not been able to buy anything locally (in Minneapolis MN) until now. I was surprised to find one of my “go to” Thai restaurants Krungthep got a new (to me) website, that accepts Bitcoin. It looks like they use Menufy and it looks like there are several restaurants in the area I can also order from using Bitcoin.
After another good night sleep and kind of a slow morning we went for a walk around Eliot and Kristine’s house. They live near a sort of Park/Nature preserve thing. It is an all open area, apparently rabbits really like it. We mostly saw people with their dogs though. We also spent some time visiting Eliot and Kristine’s very quite neighbors in a cemetery, some folks had been there since the early 1800s.
At last, I got a chance to sleep in. Eliot and Kristine’s couch was very comfortable. We took our time getting started. We had done a lot of stuff the last 3 days and we were pretty tired. We had been warned to watch out for some of the neighborhood cats. In England, Eliot and Kristine explained to us, the rules/customs about how animals are handled are a lot different. Cats can not be de-clawed and are basically given free reign.
Carol didn’t get to do any driving on day 4. I spent a little bit of time in a car, but Jesse and Becca did all the driving. After staying up super late the night before talking with the Selin’s, I followed that up by getting up early. I got a hold of my family and we arranged to meet them in Troy where we could all go to hike in the national forest and see Morrow Mountain.