Robot Parade

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Published: Mar 21 2016

First off while, I was writing this article, I had Robot Parade by They Might be Giants stuck in my head the whole time.

I’ve been reading a lot of economists deriding a higher minimum wage and they’ve got me a bit riled up (here’s a very small selection).

Where I live in Minneapolis there is an annual May Day Parade. After the parade they have a free speech section. Every year I’ve watched the parade the group Fight for $15 has marched.

All this has got me to thinking, there should be some sort of response to all this minimum wage non-sense. How about a robot parade?

A bunch of people could dress up like robots and hold traditional demonstration signs. There’s probably some good visual jokes in unpacking “how would a ‘handmade’ protest sign look if a robot made it?”.

The signs could contain slogans like:

  • Robots in support of a $15 wage for human workers
  • Make low skill human work illegal.
  • More work for robots! Less work for humans!
  • Make human labor unfordable.

Technically there would still be time to do it this year, but I suspect this topic will still be relevant this time next year.

I am probably the wrong person to try to organize something like this but I might shop the idea around a little, maybe someone else will take it up.