Windy (Day 1)

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Published: Oct 28 2010

So, I started out the day fulfilling my electoral duty, going down to city hall to file out an absentee ballet. I’ve always looked forward to voting in the past, but this election there are no candidates I’m excited about.

This was my first time voting absentee and it was super easy. The lady at the election office was nice too, she kept calling me “this nice guy” (or something like that). It was kind of strange, but she was very helpful.

I voted.

I packed last night so after voting I threw the gear in Carol and hit the road. I listened to some pod casts including a good one from this American Life about unconditional love.

I also started the Omnivores Dilemma. It’s pretty good so far. I kinda wonder if he’s not being too pessimistic and too hard on the industrialization of agriculture, but there’s a lot of book left so we’ll see where Mr Pollan goes with it.

Carol, ready for the big trip.

I stopped in Eau Claire for lunch. I didn’t know this until I did some research for this trip, but pretty much all McDonald’s have free Wi-Fi.

The wind today was crazy. I think I heard on the radio near Madison it was gusting up to 60mph. I had keep both hands on the wheel most of the time especially when I got closer to Madison. Carol is not very heavy and the wind was smacking her around quite a bit. The most “exciting” moment was when an 18 wheeler in front of us almost flipped over. Well… it looked like it almost flipped over, the back tires on the windward side of the trailer all got off the ground. I guess I’ve never seen a truck flip over (in real life) so I don’t know how close it really was… but I was close enough my heart didn’t slow down for the next half an hour.

Anyway, I got to Madison the meet up with Kate and Jeff (Kate is a friend I meet in college and Jeff is her husband). I had forgotten to call them until a couple of days ago. I lucked out though and they were able to hang out. Jeff made an amazing dinner. The main dish was a pork curry with coconut and rice. They showed me around Madison and we went to a really good donut shop. Madison is a pretty cool town.