Pan Handling (Day 8)

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Published: Nov 6 2010

I finished the Omnivores Dilemma today. I had already started on my second book a couple of days ago, Unseen Academicals.

I started off the day by sleeping in. I got a lot of sleep, which may come in handy on my return trip. I left Orlando and started making my way north and west driving down the Florida pan handle.

I took care of this trips “optional objectives” by stopping at a fireworks store. Maybe the biggest fireworks store I’ve ever been in. I have a childhood memory about a bigger fireworks store, but things always seem bigger when I was younger. So anyway, I’ve got some sweet fireworks.

Florida Fireworks, ready move across state lines.

I meet a buddy of mine (Nick) in Tallahassee. He’s living down there for several months, working on a dam. He had a recommendation for a sea food place called Crystal River Seafood. We both got all you can eat fried shrimp. It was a pretty good.

I decided to keep driving, I was looking at a pretty long day on road the following day, and I was feeling pretty good so I decided to press on and maybe shave a few hours off the next days drive. I ended up stopping at a rest stop and sleeping in my car. I figured I’ve spent plenty of money on hotels already. Besides, have I really been on a road trip if I haven’t slept in the car? Or at least try to sleep,