Ohio, so much Ohio (Day 3)

Travel road trip carol
Published: Oct 31 2010

I started the day out with a hardy breakfast thanks to my Grandmother. I ended up leaving later then I planned to, but I was having such a good time talking to Grandma I did not want to leave.

Jachin and Grandma

Lots and Lots of driving. I started in Indiana, drove across Ohio. In to West Virginia, through regular Virginia and almost all way the way through North Carolina to stay with my friends Jesse and Becca on the southern end of Charlotte. About 15 hours of travel… lots and lots of driving.

It did not have to take quite so long. I cut across country in Ohio and got caught behind farm equipment several times. I also tried to go right through the middle of Columbus during rush hour. By the time I got to the mountains it was starting to get dark. It fun driving in the mountains, there are a lot more reflectors on the road the further south you go. Will all the curves and hills it felt like I was in a video game. All the rejectors got really tripy once all my real energy was gone and I was just going on caffeine. I also went through the longest tunnels I have ever driven through.

Carol at a rest stop, ready to get back on the road.

One of my favorite moments was listening to the Omnivores Delma learning about how all the corn we’re growing is a bad idea while stuck behind a combine.

After getting stuck in Columbus my leg was was cramping up after all the gas gas, break break, gas, break, gas, I stop at Clear Cedar Creek Nature Preserve to stretch my legs.

Me at Clear Cedar Creek Nature Preserve stretching my legs.

Other then that, kind of a boring day, just lots and lots of driving.