Morrow Mountain (Day 4)

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Published: Nov 2 2010

Carol didn’t get to do any driving on day 4. I spent a little bit of time in a car, but Jesse and Becca did all the driving.

After staying up super late the night before talking with the Selin’s, I followed that up by getting up early. I got a hold of my family and we arranged to meet them in Troy where we could all go to hike in the national forest and see Morrow Mountain.

One of the nice things that worked out with this trip is that I was just planning on visiting the Selin’s on my way to the shuttle launch, then I found out my brother Eliot was going to be at Pope Air force base that weekend too, then I found out my mom and dad and two of my sisters were also going to visit him that weekend too. So I pretty much got to see a lot of my family with out having to take much of detour.

Everet, teething and happy to be out of the car.

After meeting up with the family in Troy we all went to the Uwharrie Nation Forest for some hiking. Then we went down the road a little bit to Morrow Mountain. Morrow Mountain was very cool. It was the highest point in the area and it had a nice picnic area at the top with some great views. The weather was perfect.

Hiking in the Uwharrie Nation Forest.

Jesse, Becca and Savannah on top of Morrow Mountain.

Savannah on top of Morrow Mountain.

Afterwards the Selins took me to a good German restaurant the Waldhorn. By the time we got back to the Selin’s I was so tired I went almost straight to bed, but not before I found out the shuttle launch had been been delayed until Wednesday.