Jachin and Carol's Big Adventure (Day 0)

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Published: Oct 27 2010

It was a dark and stormy night… and tomorrow I’m starting my longest solo road trip ever with Carol, my 1986 Nissan 200SX.

Here’s the “plan” for the first half of my trip:

  • October 27th - Drive to Madison WI.
  • October 28th - Drive to South Bend IN
  • October 29th - Drive to Charlotte NC
  • October 30th - Hanging out in Charlotte
  • October 31st - Drive to Cape Canaveral
  • November 1st - Hang out in Cape Canaveral (Shuttle Launch)

If anyone has any suggestions for sites to see, things to eat, fun to have, or stuff I should listen to please share. I do not have a whole lot of flexibility on the trip down, but the trip back will.

Carol has been my car for about 5 years. She’s not most reliable car, but for the past few years she’s been pretty good. There’s a chance this could be her “final” trip but I think odds are good she’ll make it. I took her to my mechanic (who I would recommend to anyone) last week for an oil change. She was given a clean-ish bill of heath. She’s had a few old car issues for a while. The latest one is that the gas gage stopped working after my last fill up. Apparently the fuel sending unit and the wiring around it are in pretty rough shape. I’m planning on just using the trip odometer to keep track of how much fuel I have. The problem will be if it goes the fuel pump will stop working.

I’ve made some contingency plans in the event of car trouble. I got my AAA card in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I have a quote from my mechanic for replacing the fuel sending unit in the event I have to do some bargaining with where ever the tow truck takes me.

Me in my bedroom, excited to start the road trip tomorrow, maybe too excited, I should probably get some sleep.