Delayed Again (Day 7)

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Published: Nov 3 2010

So the big news on day 7 came in the afternoon. The shuttle had been delayed, yet again, this time due to an electrical issue.

LAUNCH UPDATE: The launch of space shuttle Discovery STS-133 has been delayed an additional 24 hours and is now targeted for Thursday, November 4 at 3:29 p.m. ET. The delay gives engineers more time to evaluate data gathered after irregular electrical readings were received while powering up the shuttle main engines Tuesday morning. Existing STS-133 launch tickets and vehicle placards remain valid for the launch attempt on Thursday, November 4. Please continue to check the website for further launch updates and arrival time information.

After some planning I’ve decided I’m going to have to skip the shuttle launch. I heard a not so great weather report about what the launch conditions might be like on Thursday, and if I wait until Friday to leave, I’d be so exhausted when I got back to Minnesota I’d probably have to take Monday off at work to recover, not to mention skipping all the stops I want to make on the way back up north. Oh well, it is sad, but I knew this was a risk when I made the shuttle launch part of my trip.

I spent the not so sunny day in Orlando, sleeping, watching some television, getting some work done. I went to a really good taco place for dinner. Oh, and I found a dollar in the bushes of the hotel parking lot, right next to Carol.

I found a dollar.