Carol and the Clear Creek Bandits

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Published: Nov 8 2010

I got a call from the impound lot of Sunday afternoon. I did not get it because I was at the Vikings game (great game). They found Carol. No word on her condition though.

Monday morning I planned on picking her up. Before I could call to confirm things with the impound lot a got a call from the officer in charge of my case. He explained that they had arrested the person they found driving the car (there were two people in the car when they found it, they may have arrested both of them).

It sounds like they stopped the car shortly after midnight, Saturday night, so I guess they had the car for about 12 hours. In that time they smoked a lot. Among other things they took/ate all my Altoids (two nearly full tins of them) and took the cars manual. Looks like there might be some smallish external damage as well, but that’s nothing new for Carol.

At the impound lot they gave me the “keys”. It was a key chain, the key for my car was on there, but so were a few others. I told the lady only the one key was mine, but she said they were all mine now. I also found any (empty) 24 pack of Clear Creek Ice. They also seemed to take a rather destructive interested in the road atlas I bought during my road trip.

In the future I will be referring to them as the “Clear Creek Bandits”.

The lamest thing though, is that the impound lot charged me $138 to get Carol back. That seems a little unfair considering she’s there as the result of a crime someone else committed. Maybe if they can charge the Clear Creek Bandits I can get that money back.

So I guess next up for Carol is a thorough cleaning. We’ll see if anything else interesting turns up missing or found (hopefully nothing gross).

Also, I have a great roommate. Before I could get my car I had to go to the DMV where I need to renew my license that expired on my birthday (which I would have done on Saturday, if I had, had my car) and then the impound lot. I could have bussed/walked but Ben agreed drive me around and saved me a lot of time. Thanks Ben.