Around Chicago (Day 2)

I started the day off by sleeping in. I normally don’t sleep well the first night I’m “on the road”, but I decided to set my alarm anyway, and I’m glad I did or I would have had an even later start.

I started driving around Chicago and about half way around I stopped or some lunch at Potbelly. There was a guy playing guitar (that must be something they do at most Potbellies durring lunch time). He seemed pretty good. I decided to tip him and get one of his free CDs after he played a Toad the Wet Sprocket song. I don’t listen to that band enough and it’s rare to hear someone else playing their music. (No idea if the CD is any good, the CD/DVD player on my laptop stopped working a long time ago, oh well I guess I find out when I get back.)

For travel nothing too exciting happened yesterday. I traveled from Madison WI to Southbend IN. The one thing I always appreciate about that part of the trip is the toll road (I-90) in Indiana between Chicago and Southbend. I’ve driven on it several times and this might sound strange but it always seems to be one of the nicest highways I’ve ever driven on. The pavement is good. There are no billboards. There is very limited accesses. The whole thing is lined with hills and trees with little farms every so often. These all might seem like little things, but taken together it’s a nice and dramatic change change from Chicago. Also the fall colors were pretty good. It was the tail end of the colors, I’ll bet the drive would have been amazing a week or so ago. As I go further south the fall colors should keep getting better and better.

Fall colors zipping by on I-90.

Finally I pulled into Southbend where I meet my Grandma Dorinda and Cousin Matthew at Grammy’s nursing home. We hung out there until it was Grammy’s bed time then headed back to Grandma Dorinda’s place where we (mostly Grandma) made an amazing dinner. The highlight for me was the chicken casserole with rice, mushrooms and artichokes.