9 Hours in 30 Minutes (Day 10)

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Published: Nov 7 2010

I ended up visiting with Isaac most of the morning. I do not talk with him enough and we had a some catching up to do. Typically Isaac gets Friday off so it being a Thursday night he didn’t mind staying up late. We actually ended up staying up so late talking I got to see Allison (Isaac’s wife), as she was getting up to go to work. Then I decided it was time for me to go to bed.

After some sleep Isaac showed around the house and explained all his projects and made us a hearty breakfast.

Then it was time to hit the road again. I left Meta a different way then I had arrived, but the road was just as exciting (steep hills, sharp turns) and with the daylight I could see how pretty the land scape around there is.

After coming out of the hills, it was time to tuck in for hours and hours and hours of empty corn fields. The one break came when I tried to stop in a small town in Missouri while driving around Kansas City, and get on the Internet. I’d had, had good luck at McDonalds everywhere else, but this one didn’t have WiFi.

My legs were sore from all the sitting and pedaling, so I decided to drink my milk shake standing up out side. There was a guy who I had noticed coming in, who was still out there. He’s was sitting in an expensive looking tan SUV with the windows down, about 50 years old, listening to some sort of rock and roll I didn’t recognize, just rocking out. It was strange, but I got a kick out of how much he seemed to be enjoying him self. Just as I was about to leave the cops showed up, the part of the conversation I over heard went something like:

 “Oh hi”

 “Um… what are you doing here?”

 “Just listening to music”.

 “Well… you’re kinda freaking people out.”

 “Really? I was just listening to music.”

I’d imagine the conversation when on for some time like that, seemed like a nice guy, hopefully he can find a place to enjoy his music with out a bunch of squares around trying to ruin his fun.

The rest of the trip seemed to take forever, and when it was done, it was like only a few minutes had past. I think that was probably because each mile looked pretty much like the last one. I feel kinda bad pilling on Iowa about how boring it is, but man, I-35 through Iowa is not exciting.