Day 12 - Flying Home

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Published: Apr 16 2011

We had to get up early to get our flight home. I got to see Clair in the morning during breakfast. Eric told her I did not cry this time when I rode the Metro.

Eric gave us a ride to airport. They have a pretty sweet ‘84 BMW (that’s 2 years older then Carol, but in a lot better shape).

The plane ride home turned out to be a lot better then the one to London. We were a little concerned going through the airport because the lines were so long, we made it through with a few minutes to spare though.

I got assigned an exit row seat (it’s amazing how much that little bit of extra leg room helps). I even managed to sleep for a hour or two. Heather hit the jackpot and got upgraded to first class.

Maybe Iceland

Heather’s parents picked us up from the airport and dropped me off at my “primary residence”.

Extra special thanks to Elysia and Heather. I contributed to the planning for the trip but they ended up doing most of the research, putting together of itineraries, reading of guide books and by the time we got to London we had a solid list of things to do and see every day. We got to go to pretty much everything I really wanted to see and they took me to see a whole bunch of stuff I would never have bothered with if I had gone by my self and it all turned out to be great. I can not think of anything we did I would have skipped.

Also, Elysia is a bit more of a season traveler then me or Heather and she had a “getting by” knowledge of both Dutch and French and general traveling savvy that helped grease our traveling wheels quite a bit.

Also if you happened to notice the lack of grammatical errors normally present in my writing in the posts on this trip, it’s not because I’ve become that much better of a writer since my last trip (someday), it’s because Heather edited the posts, and they both helped me get my facts straight for each day and remember everything we did.

Also, Heather and Elysia took almost all the pictures on the trip. I do not usually do a good job of taking pictures they stepped it up though and I think they did good job.

Also, thanks to Eliot and Kristine and Eric and Claire for letting us stay at your homes. We are all very grateful for your hospitality.

It was a great trip. I’m glad to be back home but I miss Paris.