Erin and Jachin's 2012 Christmas Playlist

Music christmas playlist
Published: Dec 10 2012

Here’s a CD’s worth of Christmas music that Erin and I will be listening to this year. Merry Christmas!:)

  1. Weezer - Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

    From the Christmas With Weezer album, one of my favorite Christmas albums and one of my favorite Christmas songs.

  2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - John Denver and the Muppets

    From the A Christmas Together album. We (me and Erin) really like the Muppets but I’m afraid I was unfamiliar with their “Christmas together” with John Denver until Erin showed me the light. It’s good stuff. Erin says that for this song’s full effect you need to see it, I can’t find a video of it though. If I find one, I’ll put a link here.

  3. Sleigh Ride - Fun.

    From the Holidays Rule album. We like Fun.

  4. *Wonderful Christmastime* - The Shins

    From the Holidays Rule album. We also like The Shins. As you can see, this album is featured heavily in this years playlist.

  5. I Don’t Need No Santa Clause - Fiction Family

    Form the Holiday EP. Fiction Family shares an artist with what band? (you only get the bonus points if you know without looking it up) You can get the whole EP for free on Noise Trade.

  6. Why Can’t It Be Christmas Time All Year - Rosie Thomas

    From the A Very Rosie Christmas Sampler. Also free on Noise Trade. Catchy little tune, huh?

  7. Snow, Snow and Mistletoe - Shelley Adams

    From A Rarebird in a Pear Tree Vol. 2. Surely, this album must have cost a fortune right? Wrong. Free on Noise Trade.

  8. *Twelve Days of Christmas* - John Denver & the Muppets

    More Muppets, from the A Christmas Together album. Again, hearing is one thing; seeing, now that’s something. I recommend keeping your eye on Fozzie Bear.

  9. I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day - The Civil Wars

    From the Holidays Rule album. Only good things come from The Civil Wars

  10. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Tim McArthur

    From A Rarebird in a Pear Tree Vol. 2. This little ditty as a nice, simple sound.

  11. Lift Up Your Heads Ye Mighty Gates - Sufjan Stevens

    From Silver & Gold, Sufjan Stevens’ second massive collection of Christmas music.

  12. Christmas is All Around - Sleeping At Last

    From the Christmas Collection 2012 album. It is true, you too can get it for free, on Noise Trade. Recognize this ditty from the movie Love Actually?

  13. O Thou Joyful - Shorelions

    From A Rarebird in a Pear Tree Vol. 1.

  14. Silent Night - Sufjan Stevens

    From the Silver & Gold album.

  15. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) - Paul McCartney

    From the Holidays Rule album. A classic. On all counts.

  16. Winter Wonderland - Aimee Mann

    From the One More Drifter In the Snow album. We are fan of snowy snowy winters. Here’s hoping we get a snowy one this year.

  17. *Home For The Holiday*s - Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler

    From the This Is Christmas album.

  18. Joy to the World - Kate Rusby

    From the While Mortals Sleep album.

  19. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? - The Head and the Heart

    From the Holidays Rule album. Because we all move on from Christmas…

  20. Auld Lang Syne - Andrew Bird

    From the Holidays Rule album. This is a fun version, huh?

Listen To It

Here are some different ways to listen to the playlist. I will try to add more.

  • YouTube Playlist -I wasn’t able to find all the songs, but it’s most of them.
  • Playlist - You can only listen to about half of them and it seemed to be unable to find the correct version of #14 (Silent Night).

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