Family Pictures from 2020

Family pictures
Published: Dec 15 2020

2020 Family Pictures

We don’t post much on social media, for a whole lot of reasons, but we do take a lot of pictures. And, well, 2020 sure is a year to remember! Hahaha… sigh. And despite setting aside a lot of plans, ideals, and normals, all the silver linings and graces of this year are not lost on us. We’re grateful for the ways pandemic days, an unplanned 2.5 months without daycare, and all the time we’ve gotten around home/in our neighborhood have deepened our family rhythms.

This is more of a random smattering than a complete snapshot of 2020 shenanigans. But. Well. Here are some of our favorites.

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It was definitely a year to embrace the outdoors, no matter the weather… or the size of the hill (in this case with our itty bitty from yard hill).

Pizza Night, Pizza Nose

Jachin leaned into WFH in style this year – nothing says home office like the boiler room.

Imogene and Brennan were even good sports with getting outdoors on rainy days.


Praise God for early spring! This was March 5th.

Though we still had a snowy backyard Easter egg hunt. Ha.

Walks to Minnehaha Creek were part of our regular rhythms this summer.

Since Brennan and Imogene came into our lives, our camping hammock has gotten very little use… until 2020! Lots of hammocking by Lake Nokomis.

Imogene leaned into biking this year! She really cruises, even with training wheels.

We logged loads of time just puttsing around on the shoreline of Lake Nokomis this year. And managed to only tumble in a couple times.


Our neighborhood worms got a lot of love this summer - Imogene named every one of them; Brennan thought they were cool.

Brennan and Imogene at Lake Nokomis

Summer time, cousin time.

Triangle Park near our place had food trucks at least once/wk since June, including an ice cream truck. This tradition made for a DELIGHTFUL weekly tradition that has continued even as the temps have dropped - we did take and bake from Potter’s Pasties on Dec 13!

We still managed to do as much swimming as possible in 2020, including at various lakes. Brennan and Imogene both learned new water tricks.


Matching Pendants

The kids started at a new school in September - a DELIGHTFUL in-home. They get to log a lot more time outside AND together - both have been gifts.

Two things trending in 2020: monster trucks (mostly Brennan) and dinosaurs (mostly Imogene). Fitting costume choices for Halloween.

We continued our tradition this year - walked our Christmas tree home from a local coffee shop the day after Thanksgiving.

Christmas 2020

Lots of love and Christmas joy to you and yours!

♥ Erin, Jachin, Imogene (5), & Brennan (3)

“Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.” - Luke 2:10-11