Buying Food with Bitcoins

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Published: Mar 5 2016

At this point I’ve bought lots of things on-line with Bitcoin, but I have not been able to buy anything locally (in Minneapolis MN) until now. I was surprised to find one of my “go to” Thai restaurants Krungthep got a new (to me) website, that accepts Bitcoin.

It looks like they use Menufy and it looks like there are several restaurants in the area I can also order from using Bitcoin.

The whole experience was great. The Menufy interface was super slick and made ordering easy. Paying with Bitcoin was also super easy. 20 minutes later the delivery guy brought delicious Thai food to our door.

The one question I have left is that I think they are only accepting Bitcoin for on-line, takeout/delivery orders. I’m guessing Menufy is making the experience for restaurant owners so seamless they don’t have to know or care what Bitcoin is.

Hopefully the next thing I’ll get to try soon is to an actual store/restaurant that accepts Bitcoin for in person (POS) transactions.