I started the day off by sleeping in. I normally don’t sleep well the first night I’m “on the road”, but I decided to set my alarm anyway, and I’m glad I did or I would have had an even later start. I started driving around Chicago and about half way around I stopped or some lunch at Potbelly. There was a guy playing guitar (that must be something they do at most Potbellies durring lunch time).

Windy (Day 1)

Oct 28 2010
So, I started out the day fulfilling my electoral duty, going down to city hall to file out an absentee ballet. I’ve always looked forward to voting in the past, but this election there are no candidates I’m excited about. This was my first time voting absentee and it was super easy. The lady at the election office was nice too, she kept calling me “this nice guy” (or something like that).
It was a dark and stormy night… and tomorrow I’m starting my longest solo road trip ever with Carol, my 1986 Nissan 200SX. Here’s the “plan” for the first half of my trip: October 27th - Drive to Madison WI. October 28th - Drive to South Bend IN October 29th - Drive to Charlotte NC October 30th - Hanging out in Charlotte October 31st - Drive to Cape Canaveral November 1st - Hang out in Cape Canaveral (Shuttle Launch) If anyone has any suggestions for sites to see, things to eat, fun to have, or stuff I should listen to please share.