I ended up visiting with Isaac most of the morning. I do not talk with him enough and we had a some catching up to do. Typically Isaac gets Friday off so it being a Thursday night he didn’t mind staying up late. We actually ended up staying up so late talking I got to see Allison (Isaac’s wife), as she was getting up to go to work. Then I decided it was time for me to go to bed.
The sleeping in the car thing actually worked out pretty well, I got a good night sleep and woke up early and a ready to roll. The good nights sleep was at least partially due to the quilt my Mom gave me for my birthday when I was in North Carolina (thanks Mom). Got back on the road and almost immediately left the freeway and headed north into Alabama. The goal, was of course the town of Jachin Alabama.
I finished the Omnivores Dilemma today. I had already started on my second book a couple of days ago, Unseen Academicals. I started off the day by sleeping in. I got a lot of sleep, which may come in handy on my return trip. I left Orlando and started making my way north and west driving down the Florida pan handle. I took care of this trips “optional objectives” by stopping at a fireworks store.
So the big news on day 7 came in the afternoon. The shuttle had been delayed, yet again, this time due to an electrical issue. LAUNCH UPDATE: The launch of space shuttle Discovery STS-133 has been delayed an additional 24 hours and is now targeted for Thursday, November 4 at 3:29 p.m. ET. The delay gives engineers more time to evaluate data gathered after irregular electrical readings were received while powering up the shuttle main engines Tuesday morning.
After sleeping in, I set out to find a place with WiFi. I eventually settled on a Starbucks and spent a few hours getting work done. Then it was time for the beach. On the map this place called Tybee Island. It was a great beach. I can not think of a nicer beach I’ve been to (that’s not saying much mind you). The weather was perfect, about 78 F and sunny.
So, for starters, here’s the updated plan that takes into account the delayed shuttle launch and the rest of the trip. Day 5 - Spend a little extra with the Selin’s and Eliot, then drive to Savanna. Day 6 - Explore Savannah then drive to Orlando. Day 7 - Hang out in Orlando… maybe do some exploring. Day 8 - Shuttle Launch, hopefully for reals this time, then drive to Tallahassee.
Carol didn’t get to do any driving on day 4. I spent a little bit of time in a car, but Jesse and Becca did all the driving. After staying up super late the night before talking with the Selin’s, I followed that up by getting up early. I got a hold of my family and we arranged to meet them in Troy where we could all go to hike in the national forest and see Morrow Mountain.
I started the day out with a hardy breakfast thanks to my Grandmother. I ended up leaving later then I planned to, but I was having such a good time talking to Grandma I did not want to leave. Lots and Lots of driving. I started in Indiana, drove across Ohio. In to West Virginia, through regular Virginia and almost all way the way through North Carolina to stay with my friends Jesse and Becca on the southern end of Charlotte.
I started the day off by sleeping in. I normally don’t sleep well the first night I’m “on the road”, but I decided to set my alarm anyway, and I’m glad I did or I would have had an even later start. I started driving around Chicago and about half way around I stopped or some lunch at Potbelly. There was a guy playing guitar (that must be something they do at most Potbellies durring lunch time).

Windy (Day 1)

Oct 28 2010
So, I started out the day fulfilling my electoral duty, going down to city hall to file out an absentee ballet. I’ve always looked forward to voting in the past, but this election there are no candidates I’m excited about. This was my first time voting absentee and it was super easy. The lady at the election office was nice too, she kept calling me “this nice guy” (or something like that).