Matt Gray A friend of mine, Matt Gray passed away recently. I worked with him for almost 10 years at Clockwork. I have heard many people say that Matt was one of the smartest, kindest, and thoughtful people they knew. I can vouch for all of that. I learned a lot from Matt. We were basically the same age but for whatever reason he was way ahead of me, when it came to a lot of “professional” skills.
After 8+ years of faithful-ish service I’m ditching WordPress for the great static site generator Pelican, written in my very favorite language, Python. If you’re a “feed subscriber” sort of a person, you will probably need to updated/re-subscribe to this site, I think the feed’s URL is different now. The migration has been rocky and still is not done yet. If you are reading this shortly after I’ve published it, and you were to go back through my archives you would find a lot of broken images.